Ufological Centre Ligurian- various typologies of UFO-IFO fleets of Archangel Michael.

Spiegazione sulle varie tipologie di UFO-Ifo delle flotte Michaeliche

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Ufological Centre Ligurian- various typologies of UFO-IFO fleets of Archangel Michael.

The work of these wonderful alien machines, guided by the fleets of the one who is called Archangel Michael on earth, and in the Cosmos known as Asthar Sheran, consists of many actions for the good of humanity.

Our Earth is manipulated in agriculture and in the air with chemical trails (chemtrails) where poisons assimilated by our bodies will generate new illnesses, a mental state of enslavement that will make us real robots, caused by genetic manipulation to not allow the development of our DNA propellers reduced to two remotely by the same gentlemen who today want us to suppress.

They also want to make it deserted, ready for a new world made of concreate, where atmospheric precipitations will no longer serve as well as the action of the sun and the moon.

Ufology is still being studied by special bodies, which instead, for the Ufologic Centre of Liguria is an outdated fact.

The sightings of crystallized light ships and light globes, which in 1999 were still little known and banned by primordial ufologists, nowadays have become a known and considered fact; so we open our archives and start to let you know a bit of that science that comes from deeper dimensions compared to our current third dimension, where celestial scientists have passed, by eons, extraterrestrial technology that only now we are starting to understand.

As Michael and His fleets go forward with their salvation action, so we can reveal a little of that admirable work that, awakening our senses, will make us the evolutionary and cognitive leap of all that happens around us, in heaven, on Earth and in every place created.

We will begin by putting movies of types of machines, named by Michael with related explanations and taken from the ufological centre of Liguria.

Let’s start by explaining the consistency of the small light globes that many people usually film close to chemical trails, left by killer aircrafts and line planes.

These small light globes ranging from 5 to 10 meters in diameter are remote controlled probes aspiring samples of substances emitted by planes, once the substances are studied, they create counterparts that largely block the damaging action.

Then there are small recognizers ranging from a diameter of 10 meters to 15 meters and also built with densified energy. The work of this machines, driven by biological pilots is to detect the energetic conditions of Earth, magnetic fields and sinusoidal waves in the ether.

Then there are those ships called: ORGONIC ENERGY GENERATORS that are ships that even reach 2 km in length or diameter. They can be assembled together and their work consists in the sound emission that generates colour and heat, a true chromo-therapy to the Earth and to living beings, preparing bodies to receive further refined energy.

This is given by another type of remote controlled machines which generate bright shades and that can be seen in Digne, Saint-André-les-Alpes and Bordighera films. These shields are also positioned in front of Stars and Planets to modify their wave emitted into the cosmos. Within the shield it is possible to observe trabeculations. These are particular sound equations that change in colour and heat by generating a mass enhancement of luminous photons in the ether, giving new imputations that are recorded by the thin bodies of each living thing, to modify and reinforce DNA and thus to transform DEATH INTO LIFE.

These machines are called: QUANTUM CONVERTERS and change shape during work and their consistency is the same as a living organism, working both day and night.

Other types of machines are called: BETA. Beta 1, Beta 2, Beta 3. These machines have the shape of a delta, similar to terrestrial ones and their work always consists of using the sound band that generates colour and heat and their action is brought to those places where radioactive materials and atomic power plants are accumulated.

There are also recognitor machines used to create crop circles, in the sea, in ice, in sands and so on. This action also serves to modify the luteum body of the Earth and people, including animal, mineral, plant, fauna and flora kingdoms. There are other actions today that we cannot yet explain.

Earth is very important, no one can determine the fixed point without first destroying what is not good for the future life where today’s human thought will be completely restored and elevated to the good of everything.

Alba e Michael

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